braided christmas tree bread

Braided Nutella Christmas Tree Bread

braided christmas tree bread

This photo has been submitted to our Facebook fan page several times but no one could seem to come up with the recipe or instructions. Well, after some exhausting sleuthing… I found it! Here’s the catch though… it’s in Hebrew.

Check these two posts from the “Nino” facebook page… (1) and (2).

Here’s the translation of the recipe…


Quantity for one tree…

600 grams of flour
30 g fresh yeast or tablespoon dry yeast
½ cup sugar
2 packages vanilla sugar
2 eggs
Teaspoon salt
Half cup water or warm milk { } lukewarm
100 g butter at room temperature

Poppy seed filling { Look files have different fillings you choose }
Nutella chocolate
Or nuts
Or cinnamon and sugar filling


Prepare the dough hook kneading with all the ingredients except the butter. Knead for at least 7 minutes to process the dough well .

The dough is processed and is slightly sticky { which is fine – not only but sticky } take the butter and start to fold it into the dough { This gives the dough to be airy especially and I strongly recommend } . When all the butter is absorbed into the dough bloat to 50 minutes in a warm place with a nylon over .

Meanwhile prepare the Filling desired…

Download conditioning dough divided into 4 equal balls.

Bloat again with plastic covered 30 minutes.

Take something like 40 grams of butter and melt completely in the microwave.

Roll out one ball upstart {t } is very thin.

Place on baking sheet.

Apply with a brush melted butter on the leaf and above.

Apply the filler chosen.

Leaf roll out a number 2 and place it on a raised flattened with filling.

Again , melted butter and stuffing + + leaf roll out the ball back filling.

We now have four layers of leaves at each other like the picture numbered 1.

Take a pizza cutter and cut with a roller top triangle { English } Like A middle square } { This is a race.

With pulley mark lines across both sides { as appointed a number 2}.

With your fingers as before rolling all the dough edges to the left { roll twice moths three } just like a screw.

Keep it up with strips of dough until you reach the apex.

Take the pastry with baking paper and place carefully on a large baking dish.

Bloat 15 minutes despite the swamp and over sesame seeds.

Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes to half an hour . , Or until pastry is golden.

Apply the final baking syrup over.

That should be enough to get you moving in the right direction. Happy Baking!

nutella christmas tree bread

Image Credit: “Nino” –


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