Brilliant Alternative Uses For Everyday items


Twofur. What, my good miss, is a twofur? Two for one. Two for one deal. Two for the price of one. Killing two birds with one stone. Used in a sentence, ‘These chips are two bags for the price of one.’ Who knew that a simple six letter word could bring so much happiness to so many people?!

I’m really excited to feature this roundup from Diply that has 22 fabulous twofurs in it. This collection of ordinary things from around the house that can be used for more than one purpose has made my heart very happy. Swoon.

Some are just silly (but still great) and others are super practical. I love the compliment doormat. Haha. I might use numer 6 next time my mixer is on the fritz and number 9 is for sure happening. I’m skeptical about the book in the bath but I might give it a go.

Real Simple can really drive home how great this concept is with 101 new uses for everyday things. This roundup is a real winner! Check it out here.

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Diply: 22 Household Items That Do Double-Duty