Brilliant Cooking Hacks You Never Knew Were Possible


Brilliant! That’s what this roundup from Viralnova is. You can never have too many tips and tricks for making life in the kitchen easier. There is no reason that cooking delicious dishes has to be full of arduous effort; cooking should be a lot of fun! Eating too. Especially the eating. I bet Martha Stewart and Julia Child have fun in the kitchen. I also bet that they have a lot of hacks and shortcuts up their sleeves.

These hacks are perfect for the lazy chef. That’s me! Fresh whipped cream in 60 seconds, fresh mayo in 30, instantly ripen fruit for baking, and frost 12 cupcakes simultaneously! Yes! Number 8 looks crazy. Do you think it works?

I am so glad that I stumbled across these ideas and I am happy to pass them on to you. You’re welcome! I want to try the buttered corn first! We are having that with dinner tonight!

Here’s the link to all 18 brilliant hacks…

Viralnova: 18 Genius Cooking Tips (tutorials)