Girl Hacks

Brilliant Life Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

Girl Hacks

Being a girl is hard! Nails break, bra straps show, and shoes try to murder us. This roundup from Diply is going to lighten the female load a little and I’m so excited to feature it here today! Hooray!

I love all 21 and am using quite a few already; that’s how great they are. There are a bunch of new ones I can’t wait to try too. Alot of these tips are about storage and organization and if you can get that down, every other part of life will be easier. Including rocking that perfect pony (#8). I really need to tuck away #7! I have been missing out and not using my belts to their full potential.

Stretching out tight shoes (#18) is my fav. I have done this and can swear by it! I bought the most lovely pair of Steve Madden heels because it would have been a crime not to at their sale price. Know what else was a crime?! Trying to fit my feet in shoes that were too small. It took much much much longer than five minutes but the end result is new heels that fit. Win.

Remember how I mentioned that perfect pony? Buzzfeed has a roundup on how to get the perfect hair and since everything is easier once your hair looks great.

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Diply: 21 Awesome Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know