Yard DIYs

Bring Some DIY Wooden Whimsy Into Your Yard

Yard DIYs

The first day of summer, officially, is June 21st. That’s actually a good thing because it means I have more time to spruce up the yard. It’s in need of a little help. Winter was hard on it! Karma Stream has an absolutely fabulous roundup of wooden decorations that will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Warm and inviting! I’m so excited to have stumbled across it.

I love the colorful birdhouses. It is one of my favorite and I’m for sure going to try a pallet planter. The bench around the tree would be great if I had a living tree. We have to plant a new one this year. Dang those beatles!

None of these wooden DIYs are going to do you any good if your lawn is brown and dying. Help get it healthy with these tips from DIY Network.

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KarmaStream: 15 DIY Wooden Decorations To Make Your Yard More Inviting