Bubblw Wrap

How To Insulate Your Home Using Bubble Wrap On The Windows

Bubblw Wrap

Pop, pop, pop. Bubble wrap is the best stuff ever. I would much rather get a gift wrapped in bubbles than those horrible packing peanuts that go everywhere. They are so much fun to pop, are great for moving, and make wonderful insulation. It is especially great for insulating windows!

It’s long lasting, easy to remove, and is completely safe for the windows. That’s a win in my book Ohhh and by the way…It’s affordable. You can get a giant roll for under $20. You won’t be able to see out your window once it’s covered but it will be warmer. This method can also be used to keep the heat out. What a grand idea! You need a spray bottle of water, bubble wrap, and a window. Simple.

Compare My Move has 10 fun things you can do/make with bubble wrap. I know that I won’t be making a dress anytime soon. You? But I would make the calendar for sure! Love it! Find all 10 ideas here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!