Build A Canine Condo Complex With This Ikea Hack


I love Ikea. I don’t like wandering around in there for hours but I do love the fabulous treasures that I come home with. Seriously though, does anyone else feel like cattle being herded in that store?! Don’t tell me where to go arrows on the floor! I’ll cut through from the living room to the closets if I want to! I do really love it though! My living room looks like there was an explosion of Swedish furniture. I also love Ikea hacks. Everything can be used as is or turned into something creative; there is so much potential! Like making a canine condo out of kitchen tables. I bet you didn’t know you could do that. It’s true.

First of all, who has seven dogs? No judgement, but that’s a lot of canine company. If you do need to house that many furry friends you should check out this DIY. Ikea Hackers has turned two different sized Melltorp tables, a rug, and puppy crates into something quite cool. Check it out!

These DIYs aren’t all houses or condos but they are all for your pets and they are all wonderful. Check them out!

Find the full tutorial here…

IkeaHackers: Ikea Kitchen Tables Converted To Canine Condo