Build A DIY Greenhouse Using Hula Hoops


I have run across a greenhouse DIY that is perfect for gardeners of every skill level. (It’s definitely perfect for beginners!) This video from Suzelle also proves that greenhouses don’t have to be expensive to be awesome.

This is considered a ‘hoop house.’ Can you guess why? Because of the shape of the frame. This one is especially worthy of the name considering it is made from hula hoops. However, you need a few other supplies besides hula hoops. You’ll need four wooden planks and brackets, a hose pipe, eight pieces of rebar, some shade cloth, zip ties, a hacksaw and mallet, gardening tools, soil, and the plants you want to plant.

I think this might be more of a shade box to keep the bugs out and her plants from being overexposed than a greenhouse. It wouldn’t be any help during the colder months unless you had a different cover.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!