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Build A Mortgage-Free Tiny Home (For $5,900)

tiny house

Um. Wow! I can’t get over how creative people get when building tiny homes. You don’t have to be a master builder to make your dream for a small self-sustaining home come true, but you do need to be dedicated and not afraid of hard work.

No one knows that better than Tiny House Talk; check out this house they profile… made for under $6000! I’m so glad they were willing to share all of their ideas with us!

Here’s the link to Tiny House Talk’s full article: Tiny House Talk: How To Build A Mortgage-Free Small Home For $5,900

When most people move into their first home they will take out a large mortgage. While this allows them to move into the house of their dreams, it also means that they will become slaves to the bank. Every month a large chunk of their income will be spent repaying the expensive mortgage. By building a home for less than $10k you should be able to afford the home without a large mortgage. $10k is what most people spend on a deposit for a mortgage, so getting a whole house for this would be amazing.

Building Materials

Although most homes are made from bricks and mortar, there are other alternatives. Bricks are difficult to handle and hiring a builder to build a house will be costly. Using timer to build a wooden house will work out cheaper. This is because almost anyone with basic DIY skills will be able to build their own home out of wood. The roof can be made from corrugated aluminum which is lightweight and easy to care for. The outside walls of the house can be covered in a number of different sheet materials. The whole thing should then be painted to protect it from the elements.

Sawn logs can then be fixed to the outside walls of the cabin to give it a very nice rustic look. Faux rock tiles can also be added around the bottom of the frame to give the appearance of rock underpinning which makes the job look even more professional.


Insulation is important since wood is not a very good insulator. Insulation can be cut to fit in between the supports in the house and covered over with the inside walls of the house. Then it’s just a matter of painting and decorating indoors.


The best thing about building your own home from wood is that it’s not only cheap but also modular. It’s possible to build individual rooms one at a time and connect it to the main building. This means you could start off with a very small house, and add an extra room when it’s needed. This will help you to save money and move in as soon as possible.

Getting Good Deals

When you’re buying windows and doors for your small home, you will need to shop around and do your homework. Hopefully you will be lucky and find some doors and windows which are marked down and on sale. They could be returned items, or slight seconds. It’s also possible to use second hand doors and windows if you don’t mind. These can be sanded down and painted your chosen color anyway.

The Kitchen

The kitchen will be one of the most expensive rooms in any house to fit out. It is however to do this on a budget if you are sensible about it. Craigslist and Gumtree can be used to source counter top, cooker and sometimes even cabinets. You might even be able to find these for free if you look hard enough. Cabinets can either be made or bought, when making them simply use chipboard and timber to create the basic shape. Then a door can be hung using a pair of hinges.

It certainly is possible to build yourself a home for much less than $10,000 if you are patient and very strict with your budget. This will save you a lot of money and make living much more comfortable.

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