Build This Pallet Hideout For The Kids


Pallets pallets pallets! Aren’t pallets the best?! They are affordable (most often free) and easy to find. You can make all kinds of things with them. All. Kinds. Of. Things. Some little and some big. Big like this cabin from 1001 Pallets.

Little kids get playhouses. Why not bigger kids? Everyone needs a spot to hide away. To make this ‘house’ you need 19 pallets, 40 hours, the tutorial, and quite some skill. This DIY is ranked as a hard/difficult project. Too rich for my blood! I’m a novice at best but I bet you can pull this awesome one off. Love it!

Here is another shipping pallet roundup that is less ambitious that a cabin but just as awesome! The headboard with birds, the deck cooler, and the world map are just a few of my favorites. Which is your favorite?

Follow the link to see more of this tiny cabin…

1001Pallets: DIY Pallet Cabin Tutorial