Murphy Bed

How To Build Your Own Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed

Do you have a naked room begging for a transformation? Sadly, I do not. All of my guest rooms are in the process of being ‘dressed.’ One is blue with greens, golds, and browns. I’ve painted a spectacular tree on the wall. It just needs furniture. The other has wainscoting and will be painted white with grey accents. I’ve bought the cutest chandelier and mirror for when it’s done. I love remodeling and finishing projects. The only thing that I don’t love is that when done there aren’t anymore blank canvass to work with. There aren’t any places to put fun things like this DIY murphy bed from The Stubby Thumb.

I love the idea of a Murphy bed! Think of how much room it would save! There is always company coming over and it would be so nice to not have to haul air mattresses out of the garage or shove things in closets to make room for trundle beds. A bed built directly into the wall would solve that problem. Check out the tutorial and let me know what you think! This is surprisingly not that complicated! Your Modern Family has another tutorial to help you on your journey.

Here’s the link to the full DIY tutorial…

StubbyThumb: Dr. Who Themed Murphy Bed Guide