This Couple’s Tiny 127 Square Foot Home Is Built With Love

merete tiny home

Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big. Sometimes a big dream can come in a small 127 square foot package. It did for Colorado couple Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller. They wanted to build their own home but believed that small and green was the best option for them. They wanted to reduce their footprint but not give up the comforts of home. Their house is amazing and you will be surprised at how large it feels!

Do you think you could do this? There are lots of options if you are thinking that the tiny house movement is right for you. You could buy a pre-made model, a box kit, find a DIY tutorial, or just go for it with nothing but a hacksaw and your carpentry skills. This couple opted to make their own and the results are stunning. I love the rustic look and natural lighting!

Looking for more tiny house inspiration? Check out this collection of photos from Houzz. You can’t help but be inspired! These little houses… they really are a lot bigger than they seem! Cross my heart!

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