DIY Quad Bunk Bed Project

DIY Bunk Bed Wall

Every Kid loves bunk beds (and I think that adults secretly do too). Corner House had a really fun idea to turn a whole bedroom wall into bunk beds, and it turned out great! Not only will the kiddos have a place to sleep but it will be terrific for sleepovers too! See the full … Read more DIY Quad Bunk Bed Project

DIY King Sized Bed Frame Tutorial

King Sized Bed Frame Tutorial

What a lovely bed frame from Do It Yourself Divas. If you are thinking about doing something new with your bedroom then try making your own bed. There are four separate tutorials to help you on your journey. Thanks guys for super detailed and terrific plans! Here they are… DoItYourselfDivas – DIY King Sized (Full … Read more DIY King Sized Bed Frame Tutorial

DIY Built-In Dresser

DIY Built-In Dresser

Being short on space and storage is such a hassle. No matter how great your home. There is always some room that is a little lacking. Have you ever considered a built in dresser? You can find something to exactly fit your space, it will be flush with the wall, and it won’t take up … Read more DIY Built-In Dresser

Clubhouse Loft Bed For Kids

Clubhouse Bed

Growing up I thought forts and clubhouses were the coolest! The neighbor kids and I had one but it wasn’t anything like this. I’m excited to feature That’s My Letter and this brilliant clubhouse bed. There is a great tutorial, complete with pictures. This is terrific! Here is the link to the instructions… ThatsMyLetter – … Read more Clubhouse Loft Bed For Kids

DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial

Wooden Pallet Headboard

Today I am excited to feature a pallet headboard from Instructables. My guest bedroom is in need of a little “spicing up” and this would look really nice in there. They did such a good job and the tutorial is terrific! This will be easy to re-create if I follow the instructions and work hard. … Read more DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial

Vintage Beer Barrel Beds

Landhotel Hof Beverland’s Beer Barrel Beds

Next time you are in Germany you need to stay at the Landhotel Hof Beverland’s beer themed room. The hotel and its unique rooms are featured in an article written by the Huffington Post and they are terrific. It has themed rooms that are complete with “beer beds.” The beds are made from vintage beer … Read more Vintage Beer Barrel Beds

DIY Twist Mattress

DIY Twist Mattress

The experts say that everyone is supposed to get a new mattress every 10 years. That makes wonderful sense when you think about how a third of life is spent in bed! If you are in the market for a mattress, check out the Twist Mattress. You can make it yourself with this kit! It … Read more DIY Twist Mattress

Triple Bunk Beds (Plans)

Get The Plans For Terrific Triple Bunk Beds

My college dorm room had three bunk beds in it but they didn’t look anything like this. I know these are made for kiddos, but this design is great no matter what age. These beds save space and children will love them. You can buy they plans from The Handmade Dress for $1.99! Get the … Read more Triple Bunk Beds (Plans)

Inspiring Attic Design Ideas

Most houses have some place that is awkward to decorate. Not every room has perfectly straight walls and I am glad for that! Life would be so boring with only 90 degree angles. Angles and sloping walls aren’t something to stress about but they are something to get excited about! Design Chic has gathered up … Read more Inspiring Attic Design Ideas

Mind Blowingly Cool Bunk Bed Designs

15 Mind Blowing Bunk Beds

I had bunk beds growing up. They were pretty run of the mill and boring. Not these bunk beds! I have never seen more creative places to sleep. I am all grown up and I wouldn’t mind having a couple of these in my home. There is a definite possibility one of these could end … Read more Mind Blowingly Cool Bunk Bed Designs