How To Make A Swedish Log Candle

Log Candle

Wow! This is pretty great. I’m so doing this someday! This is the best campfire/camp stove/fire pit that I’ve ever seen. Ever! A Swedish log candle is a log that has had an eight pointed star cut down into it. When an acceleract is poured into the crevasses and lit, it becomes the most perfect … Read more How To Make A Swedish Log Candle

41 Borderline Genius Camping Hacks

41 Life-Saving Camping Hacks

Camping! I just bought a new tent and have already been twice this summer. There are many more trips planned in my future. This roundup is where it’s at! Camp in style with these hacks from Buzzfeed. The biggest problems I have while camping are bugs and cooking. There are so many helpful tips here … Read more 41 Borderline Genius Camping Hacks

Bacon Baked Potato (The Perfect Camping Meal)

Bacon Baked Potato

I’m inspired now (…and hungry too)! This is the easiest baked potato recipe out there. Potato meets bacon. 425 degrees and 45 minutes later something magical happens. A sinfully delicious bacon baked potato is born and the world is better off because of it. Wrap in foil and place over your campfire for a perfect … Read more Bacon Baked Potato (The Perfect Camping Meal)

DIY Camp Kitchen

DIY Camp Kitchen

Camping is dirty, bug filled, and lacks the comforts of home. I love it. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate things that make camping a little easier. A camp kitchen like this would help with cooking, washing up, and so much more. Check it out… CanvasCampers – Built My Own Camp Kitchen With Working Sink … Read more DIY Camp Kitchen

7 Life Saving Survival Hacks

7 Life-Saving Survival Hacks

The wilderness is a beautiful and dangerous place. The more you know, the more fun you can have while exploring it. All this extra knowledge will also increases your chances of survival. Household Hacker has thought of some clever tips and they were so kind to share them with us! Check out these tips! HouseholdHacker … Read more 7 Life Saving Survival Hacks