DIY Family Photo Luminary

Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take photographs. The problem is that nobody bothers printing them out anymore. Why not try these great family photo craft ideas so that you can enjoy your photography once again. By following this guide you can create a unique and interesting photo lamp which can be … Read more DIY Family Photo Luminary

Kid’s Hand Print Calendar

Here’s the perfect craft to start off the new year! Help your kiddos create their own calendar with just their hands and some paint. Head on over to the E Is For Explore blog to get the tutorials for each individual month. Here’s the link… E Is For Explore! – Hand Print Calendar Tutorials What … Read more Kid’s Hand Print Calendar

15 Kid Friendly Work Station Ideas

Do you have a workstation or homework area in your home for the kids to get their homework done? It’s a really great idea and gives kids an organized area to get their work done. A fun and creative work station can help children form good solid study habits. We’ve collected 15 awesome homework stations … Read more 15 Kid Friendly Work Station Ideas

Boy Finds Grandpa’s Old Safe And A Life Changing Treasure Inside

My grandparents led such amazing lives. They fought in wars, flew planes, sailed on ships, and were all around terrific people. Their stories are amazing. Most people don’t live spectacular enough lives to produce one heroic story, much less more. That’s one thing I love about history. It’s timeless and tells us all of other … Read more Boy Finds Grandpa’s Old Safe And A Life Changing Treasure Inside

Ransom and Chore Bins (A Good Idea?)

Ransom & Chore Bin

There are some ongoing disputes about whether holding your children’s toys “ransom” is a positive form of parenting. Positive Parenting Connection feels this a step in the right direction away from harsh punishment but not yet the ideal teaching tool. They see three possible problems with this method and suggest three possible alternatives for teaching … Read more Ransom and Chore Bins (A Good Idea?)

52 Reasons Why I Like You Card Deck

52 reasons card deck

It’s not too late to create a heart felt DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone! This would be a great gift for birthday’s too. If you can’t come up with 52 reasons why you like someone… then I think you are just human.. that’s a lot of brain work LOL. So, just make … Read more 52 Reasons Why I Like You Card Deck

DIY Family Memory Letter Blocks

family memories letter blocks

Today we are featuring these lovely family memory letter blocks from the Stories By Me! blog. I am always on the lookout for cute and creative ways to preserve our families precious moments. Another popular project is the vintage memory jars. Check that one out as well! Here’s the link to the tutorial on making … Read more DIY Family Memory Letter Blocks