25 Fun Things To Sew For Boys

25 Cute Things To Sew For Little Boys

Sewing for little boys can be just as fun as sewing for little girls. It just may take longer to find cute patterns and designs. (Those adorable frilly dress patterns are everywhere!) Crazy Little Projects has you covered with an awesome roundup. From superheroes to sleeping bags, I’m sure there is something the little man … Read more 25 Fun Things To Sew For Boys

Chipolino Spokes Knitted Slippers

Chipolino Spokes Knitted Slippers

I have never thought about knitting slippers. I have mastered the scarf and my hats aren’t too shabby, but slippers? With the right tutorial, even an amateur like me can end up with some pretty great footwear. Cmpana Mam’s tutorial will take you through each step in the knitting process and at the end you … Read more Chipolino Spokes Knitted Slippers

Hanging Bedside Organizer

diy bedside storage bags

I discovered this wonderful bedside organizer over on the Higgo’s site which is actually a UK based family product company. You can grab this product directly right here on their website. Since I don’t live in the UK I immediately started searching for a DIY pattern I could use to create a very similar item. … Read more Hanging Bedside Organizer

12 Adorable Free Baby Towel Patterns

free baby towel patterns

Today I am excited to feature this wonderful collection of free and totally cute baby towels by Amber at Crazy Little Projects. My four year old would surely go nuts over an angry birds towel. I can see him flapping around and running into walls for hours LOL. Here’s the link to all 12 patterns… … Read more 12 Adorable Free Baby Towel Patterns

21 Cute and Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Jeans

clever jean ideas

Here’s a fun roundup for you today featuring 21 ways to repurpose old jeans and make something truly cute! Love all these ideas but if I had to pick just one to run with… it would be the denim coil basket (#11). Head over to Mixer to Mower to see all 21+ ideas. Here’s the … Read more 21 Cute and Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Jeans