Cell Phone

How To Make A Cell Phone Case Out Of A Balloon

Cell Phone

Phones are expensive. Smart phones especially. If you shell out the benjamins for a nice phone you want to be sure to keep it safe. After spending all your money on a phone you might not be able to afford a case, or maybe you just don’t like the store bought options. Don’t worry. There are plenty of DIYs out there. Did you know that you could make a case for your phone using a balloon? Interesting…

Using a balloon is a fun and easy idea. I would love to take it camping because it would keep the dirt out of the nooks and crannies. It will be a great temporary fix too. Perfect while you’re waiting for your more durable case to come in the mail. This wouldn’t be a good fit for me because I use my camera too much. What about charging? Do you have to take it off every time? It’s a great hack in emergencies though!

When I think DIY and cell phone case…I think decorating. So do the folks at Huffington Post and Pop Sugar. I’m so klutzy that I need a durable case but I also want a colorful personalized case. I bet you are right there with me! Check them out and fall in love.

Here’s the video tutorial… Enjoy!