Couple Turns A Centuries-Old Abandoned Church Into A Home

When a northern England couple was getting ready to buy a home, they got the idea to renovate a historic home. But when none were available, they renovated a church into their home instead! After some hard work, this church is one of the most adored converted homes in Northern England.

The church was constructed in 1792 in Northern England and it sits about 6 miles from the coast. While many people would get spooked out by this church, this couple saw something we didn’t. It sat abandoned for years and there were headstones throughout the courtyard where past members had been buried. Looking at this church at first glance reminds you of a spooky movie, but once you step inside it turns into a gorgeous home.

This home has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, and plenty of open living areas. There is also plenty of gorgeous gardens around the property, as long as headstones don’t give you the spooks!

Come tour the inside…

This is the St. Nicholas Church


It was built in 1792 in Northern England


Recently, a couple purchased it and turned it into a home!


The sanctuary was made into a great living area


And a library alongside the stairs


The master bedroom has beautiful stain glass


The dining area is right in front of the master bedroom


A full kitchen is available around the corner


There are a total of five bedrooms throughout the home


And there are two bathrooms in the home with amazing stain glass and a standing bath


The garden is also impressive

Images Via: St. Nicholas Church

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