Tons Of Clever DIY Projects Using Chalkboard Paint


I love chalkboard paint! It is very popular these days. Just check out Pinterest if you need proof that chalk is in. You can buy it from any paint store for $9.97-$13.48 (depending on the brand). You can also make your own. Whatever it takes, get some of this paint because there are so many fun DIYs you can make with it! I’m so excited to feature this chalkboard roundup from Diply. It has 16 brilliant crafts that you will love. I know that I do!

Black paint with white writing looks so elegant and is perfect for entertaining. It’s nothing like the green boards we had when I was in grade school. Did you ever have eraser duty? Blech! I could taste chalk for hours! I love the place mats and drink identifiers, especially the wine glass ones. I really adore all of these crafts. Mug bottoms, cheese tray, race track, and calendar. All of them! Do you have a favorite? I don’t know how you could pick just one but good luck!

Painting with chalkboard paint is just like apply regular paint, mostly. Benjamin Moore has a few tips that I think you will find most helpful.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Incredible DIY Projects Using Chalkboard Paint!