Check Out This DIY Cat Castle


Bernard would love this! Who is Bernard? My siamese cat. He is full of himself and loves destroying my furniture. One couch…gone! Another…only slightly damaged and luckily savable with a lovely slipcover. I bought him this awesome cat tower off of Amazon and so far he is loving it and keeping his claws away from the recliners. I never considered a DIY version. Especially not one shaped like a castle.

Tumbler user Westerner71 built his feline friends a cat scratching post/home shaped like a medieval castle. Cool! It doesn’t look that hard, if you have some basic carpentry skills, which I don’t. Do you? Do you have a cat? If you answered yes to both of those questions you should make this for Fluffy.

I’m guess that your baby probably isn’t named fluffy. Did you know there is a list of the most popular feline names each year? Just like babies. Crazy.

See more pictures of it here…

Tumbler: Westerner71’s Cat Castle Build Photos