Check Out This Super Cute And Artsy Tiny Home In Oregon


I saw a sign the other day that said ‘limited space creates unlimited creativity.’ That certainly seems to be the case of people who own/have built tiny homes. They manage to come up with the most inventive spaces. Good things come in small packages, right? Ruby and Ted couldn’t agree more.

They spent 8 months building the most charming little cottage. I love the rustic wood. I think anything made with pine has a romantic feel. Don’t you? The stained glass window headboard is another one of my favorite things. This little home is decorated with original accent pieces and one of kind art works from the friends they have made while they owned an art gallery. How cool is that?! If you’re ever in the Suislaw Forest, near the Little Nestucca River in Oregon, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this little house!

Take a tour of this quaint little cabin here…

LittleThings: Art Filled Tiny House In Oregon (photo tour)