Make A Chocolate Cake With Just Two Ingredients?


Do you know what ‘depression recipes’ are? In hard times, like the great depression, families had to stretch what they had and they learned to do so in the most creative of ways. Especially in the kitchen. Around this time things like Spam and Ritz crackers were developed. See? Creative. One of my favorite recipes is a chocolate cake that you can make without and eggs, butter, or milk. I thought that was as easy as it gets for cake but I was wrong. This YouTube video shows how to make a cake with only 2 ingredients. I’m impressed!

This cake requires 3 eggs and 3 chocolate bars. I think even the most novice of bakers could make this! From what I’ve read from people who have tried this, the batter must be mixed thoroughly or the consistency of the cake will be all wrong. Especially the merang! Looking for more simple recipes? Here are 21 classic recipes from around the depression era that are creative, simple, and delicious.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!