chocolate covered frozen banana bites recipe

Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Bites Recipe

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chocolate covered frozen banana bites recipe

Here’s a very simple yet incredibly yummy desert you can make for just about any occasion. These are frozen banana bites covered in delicious chocolate and you can add nuts if you like. Really great recipe!

“I’ve made them twice this week, and I really love this dessert. I have found that my preference is to slice the banana much smaller. It’s easier to eat and doesn’t make my teeth feel like I’m try to gnaw on a glacier.

I bet these would be just as good if you used chopped up nuts and mixed it into the chocolate and peanut-butter; almonds or peanuts could be a really nice touch.

Thank you for this recipe; it’s very quick, very easy, and easy to clean.”

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NeverHomemaker – Frozen Banana Bites Recipe

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