How To Clean A Record With Wood Glue


True music lovers know it’s about quality. Sound quality that is. The debate rages as to whether vinyl is really better than digital or CDs. I am not enough of an expert to make a stand but vinyl is making a come back. In 2013 sales were up 31% to 6 million units year-over-year. Big numbers and rising! If you have/are thinking of getting records it’s important to know how to care for them. This video from Ghettofunk13 shows an interesting method for cleaning an old record.

This technique, used to deep clean and remove static causing scratches, uses wood glue. Interesting. Covering something you love in glue and letting it harden overnight isn’t the safest risk free method out there but this one seems to do the trick. It is mesmerizing to watch this happen.

Gizmodo has all the stats on vinyl. You might go out and buy a turntable after reading this article. Or you could download more music on your phone. You might want to run to Target to get a CD too.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!