How To Clean Your Stove Grates And Make Them Spotless


I hate cleaning. It’s exhausting and never ending. As soon as you finish you have to start all over again. Booo. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing in the world. Only slightly less favorite is cleaning the kitchen. Sooo messy. Neat freak or lazy cleaner, dirt and grime build up. Especially on the stove. This trick from Little Things will help you clean your stove burners in no time at all! I’m really excited to feature it and even more excited to try it.

This trick is going to be great come spring cleaning. You need plastic bags, ammonia, and a night to let the magic work, No scrubbing or elbow grease required. Common Sense Homesteading has an alternative to the above method. It is all natural and uses no harsh chemicals. Everyone has different preferences so be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!