Cleaning Hacks For The Lazy Girl In All Of Us


I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated in doing nothing. Nowhere am I more motivated in doing nothing than when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning. What a horrible word! It takes time and energy and it is a never-ending thankless job. If you are one of the few that love cleaning, I envy you! How do you do it? Any tips for me and for the rest of the word that doesn’t get excited about a mop and bucket? For all of my lazy friends out there, this roundup is for you. I know that I’m excited about it!

What fun hacks! Have you tried any of these? I use #2 all the time and I highly recommend using a mildew/scum-be-gone shower spray. It makes cleaning the shower so much easier when the time comes. I need to start using liquid soap too! I had no idea that bar soap left scum (#7). I really like the colorful plastic mats in the fridge and I’m going to try cleaning my blender, lamp shades, and keyboard with these hacks.

A lot of these are quick fixes and you will have to eventually do the work but I’m ok with putting it off till tomorrow and binge watching on Netflix today. When it is time for a deep clean, I’ve found it’s best to do it in small chunks so as not to get burned out. There is a lot to do! I Dream Of Clean Organized Simple Productive has a comprehensive list of what has to get cleaned this year. Trust me…don’t do it all at once! Ug. Spring Cleaning.

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