The Right Way To Clean

15 Cleaning Hacks You Need To know

The Right Way To Clean

I have discovered the secret to a clean house: Never let your children or husband inside it. Haha. We all know that that isn’t going to happen! We have to find other ways to clean it without breaking our backs or being beat down by those horrid dust bunnies! They are scary, at least at my house.

There might be an easier way of doing something than what you’re trying right now. Your methods aren’t wrong but why not give these ones a try?! I just used this method to clean my coffee pot and it worked like a charm. My house didn’t smell that great afterwards so I suggest that you light a candle before you try it unless vinegar is your favorite smell. I have one cookie sheet I should really use #2 on but I kinda like that is has a weather and well loved look.

House work can’t kill you, but why take chance? Do things the easy way! Martha Stewart has some tips on other things you’ve been clean cleaning wrong . These are all so helpful!

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