Sweet Hacks

These Clever Baking Hacks Will Elevate Your Kitchen Game

Sweet Hacks

Um, yes please! I am so excited to feature this roundup from Diply! It has 16 of the best baking hacks out there and if you are like me, you’ll appreciate the value of a good hack. They can save so much time and heartache in the kitchen. I know that some dishes are made with ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ but I’d rather skip the hard work and get the good results. Lol.

Using Jello to flavor and color frosting is a great idea! I bet it’s cheaper than buying specialized frostings too. Raspberry pink frosting on a heart shaped cake (number 4)? Swoon. Number 15 looks so fancy! Now where can I get a necklace to edge with? Which of these will you try first?

Just because I know you want more…here are 7 other tips on how to become a better baker. I’m picturing all the delicious sugary concoctions I’ll be making already! No more fails for me!

Find all 16 hacks here…

Diply: Be A Genius In The Kitchen With These 16 Baking Hacks