Clever Beauty Hacks That Use Everyday Items


Who knew that there was so much useful stuff laying around the house?! I got a grease stain on a new shirt (the worn once kind of new) and after a bit of searching realized I had the power to get said stain out. WD-40, Dawn soap, and baking soda were the three main ingredients. There is always a solution of a DIY version of something. The same can be said for your beauty routine. There are tips and tricks using regular things from around the house to help ‘freshen’ things up a bit and help you out in a pinch. DIYers rejoice because this roundup, featured at Diply, has 15 fabulous tips you are going to want to remember.

Number 4 sounds much healthier than bleach! I’m going to have to recommend that one to some people. (Think it works?) I love any hacks using vinegar, I have so much! I’ll have to remember that it makes a good toner (number 7). I’ve always wanted to try number 10 but the thought of putting an oil that I cook with in my hair kind of weirds me out. Which of these is your fave? Healthy Living How To has a roundup of 75+ beauty recipes that you should add to the above collection. I want to try the citrus lavender perfume.

Here’s the link to all 15 hacks…

Diply: 15 Incredible Beauty Tips And Tricks Using Regular Household Items