Clever DIY Ideas For Loads Of Backyard Fun This Summer


Kids stay inside too much these days. TV, video games, sleeping. (I can’t blame them on the sleeping thing though. It’s my favorite thing to do!) Maybe some fun games like the ones featured in this roundup from Top Dreamer. I’m really excited about summer and these games! They aren’t just for the littles.

I think the chess board patio is a great decorating piece as well as a game. I’ve played giant Jenga before and it’s so fun! I can’t say that yard Yahtzee or Twister have ever been tried at my house but I think they should be. Maybe at summer’s first BBQ?

Outdoor schools, or Forest Kindergartens, are something that needs to be implemented here in the States. It’s a style of teaching that is popular in Denmark and other parts of Europe. There are a few of these schools popping up here but not enough. Read about them here.

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TopDreamer: 20 Fun DIY Outdoor Games