Clever DIY Ideas For Recycling Old Wine Bottles


Wine bottles are wonderful. First, they are full of wine-delicious. (Wine-o or wine-no? Lol. Just kidding.) Second, they are perfect for all sorts of crafts. Architecture And Design has a roundup of over 25 wonderful ways to reuse them. Waste not, want not. I like this way better than recycling and you will too!

These aren’t your boring, stick a bottle with a flower on the table, too lazy to do anything else, kind of decorating ideas. Try your hand at string, hanging chandeliers and lamps, chalkboard paint, candles, coffee tables, wall art, glitter, mini gardens, and more. They have it all. All of them will help you spice up your place on a budget. That’s my favorite.

Need help getting your bottles all cleaned and ready to go? Little Things has tips and a great tutorial with everything you will need. Check them all out here.

Check out all 25 ideas here…

Architecture And Design: 25+ DIY Ideas To Recycle Your Old Wine Bottles