Nail Polish

Clever DIY Nail Polish Storage Ideas

Nail Polish

What color are you sporting today? Today my nails are a dark purple. The color is called ‘Lacy not Racy.’ How do they come up with such fun color names? I want that job! I have quite a collection of polishes. Every time I go to Target I have to grab a new shade! That means that I have a mess of polishes that needs organizing. I guess it’s a good thing that I found this roundup from Diply. It has eight ways that polish can be stored and organized and they are all pretty brilliant ideas.

I like the bookshelf side storage idea a lot. I don’t know where I would put a shelf in the bathroom and I don’t want my polish displayed in the living room. Lol. The Polish rolls is more my style. The magnetic board is a good idea too because other makeup can be magnetized and it would save a lot of space. Here are some other fun named nail polishes… I love them!

Here’s the link to all 8 ideas…

Diply: 8 Genius And Gorgeous DIY Nail Polish Storage Solutions