Popcorn Ceiling

Clever DIY Setup Easily Removes Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling

Do you know about ‘popcorn?’ I’m not talking about the delicious kind with butter. (P.s. It’s my favorite food! Especially if it has brewer’s yeast on it. It’s called Hippy Corn and you must try it.) The kind of popcorn I’m talking about here is a style of drywalling that became popular in the 50’s that is bumpy and resembles popcorn. It’s ugly! It doesn’t help with noise, like they originally thought, but it is a really unsightly addition to homes. One that needs to be eliminated in my opinion!

Until recently, it was thought that there was nothing that could be done to remove it in an easy an non-messy fashion. The video below from Aaron Rollin proves the skeptics wrong. See what happens when a six inch spackle knife is duct taped to a shop vac. This makes things so easy! I’m glad I don’t have popcorn ceilings but if I did. This is what I would do.

Here’s the video showing it in action… Enjoy!