13 Clever Fashion Hacks For Everyday Life

Clothes are expensive, and when we wear them as often as we do, they tend to get damaged. Whether we spilled some wine, lost our hoodie string, or got some odors stuck in our jeans, there are so many horrible things that can happen to our clothes! Instead of throwing out a clothing item the next time they get damaged, see if you can fix it with our fashion hacks for everyday life.

Our list has 13 must know fashion hacks that will be useful to you in everyday life. Bookmark this list and open it once you spill something on your favorite shirt! It will come in handy. We also feature ways to prevent your clothes from getting worn down and making them last longer. Either way, we want to help you protect your clothes!

By protecting and fixing your clothes now you can save money later! And that is what Hustlecoin is all about. Don’t throw away old clothes, bring them back to life.

Try out one of these fashion hacks and see how much money you can save!

1. If you want to remove odors from jeans, stick them in the freezer overnight

fashion hacks jeans

via: hercampus


2. Remove oil stains with baby powder

fashion hacks baby powder

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3. Salt soaks up red wine stains. This will come in handy!

fashion hacks red wine salt

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4. Break in tight shoes by sticking sandwich bags of water in them

fashion hacks tight shoes

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5. Extend the life of your jeans by washing them with vinegar right when you get them

You just need to do it the first time!

fashion hacks jeans vineger

via: lifehacker


6. Accidentally shrink your sweatpants? Un-shrink them with baby shampoo!

fashion hacks jeans baby shampoo

via: onegoodthingbyjillee


7. Remember this trick for tucking in non-skinny jeans into your boots!

fashion hacks jeans tuck

via: listotic


8. Iron your collars with a hair straightener

This is fashion hack is great for when you are in a rush!

fashion hacks iron with straightener

via: hercampus


9. Want to quickly dry hand washed clothes? Try a salad spinner.

fashion hacks salad-spinner

via: apartmenttherapy


10. Conceal a pesty bra strap using a paper clip.

fashion hacks paper-clip

via: buzzfeed


11. Re-thread a hoodie by using a straw.

fashion hacks drawstring

via: lifehacker


12. Fix ripped tights with clear nail polish!

Who knew?

fashion hacks ripped tights

via: trendylegs


13. Use this chart to choose necklace types for different necklines

fashion hacks necklaces for necklines

via: insideoutstyleblog

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Which tip do you find the most helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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