Clever Hacks For Grocery Shopping With Kiddos


You are going to love this video from What’s Up Moms. It’s the best! It is going to save you so much heartache and hassle the next time your cupboards are bare. I always push grocery shopping out as far as I can. It’s such a hassle. Not any more! These hacks are going to make shopping with the littles so much easier.

Parking problems? No problem. Stop looking for a spot near the front and park near the cart return. It may seem like a hassle at the start but it really isn’t. You can load your kids straight from the car to the cart (trapped!) and then when you’re ready to split you don’t have to be a ‘cart abandoner.’ I especially love hack number 3. Stick to the perimeter of the store. The meltdown zone is in the middle. Steer clear of the cereal, chips, cookies, and other isles that bring hysterics. The cheerio necklace is quite clever too.

These hacks are lovely. As are these ones from Mint. These ones are for saving money while shopping.

Here’s all the hacks in this video… Enjoy!