Clever Idea For DIY Bracelets


Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. That’s all you hear about these days. There are so many fun projects that you can make out of other things. It’s great to give things a new and second chance at life. What’s your favorite thing to make (re-make)? Birdbaths, chandeliers, bookshelves, ottomans, headboards, jewelry? Today it’s jewelry! This video from Innova Crafts shows how to make bracelets out of recycled bottles. Amazing! And so easy.

You need a plastic bottle, tape, scissors, iron, and nail polish or acrylic paint. Watch the video to learn how to make your own! The finished product doesn’t look anything like a plastic bottle. I love it when that happens. I would want to use paint and not polish to decorate my bangles. I would hate to waste it! Honestly WTF has a bunch of other fun DIY bracelet tutorials. There is the fishtail loom, braided cuff, rhinestone sliding knot, and 5 other pages worth of amazing wrist jewelry that you MUST try.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!