Clever Ideas For Turning Trash Into Treasure


Are you one of those people who just can’t throw anything away? Ever? You can admit that you are, but I hope you have more closet space than I do. Or maybe a craft room you can shut the door on when your in-laws or neighbors are at your home. Ah yes, the craft room filled with half completed projects is heaven to you, but some people will never understand the controlled chaos that appears when you open the door. So keep the door closed and make certain only those who understand your obsession are allowed into your inner sanctum. Here are some repurposing gems that you will be able to add to your chaos.

Here are some projects that can turn any hoarder into a super crafty artist. Even if you don’t have these things laying around the house, you will eventually. So, put them aside and you too can make treasures out of what many would call landfill fodder. Any of these stand out as favorites?! Here are some more ideas to stash away for a rainy day.

Here’s the link to all 18 ideas…

Diply: 18 Things You Shouldn’t Throw Away And Should Turn Into Something Cool