Clever Ideas To Help You Save Money On Groceries


Grocery shopping. Just like cleaning house, it’s something we all have to do. Unless you’re one of those people with a live in maid/personal go-fur, and in that case I don’t think we can be friends. For the rest of us, grocery shopping is a fact of life. An expensive fact of life. Coupon clipping can help some but it helps find other ways to save money too. This roundup from Diply has 21 ways to help you save on your grocery bill. I’ll take it!

Tips like buying in bulk and buying in season will end up saving you a bundle. Tips on how to tell if food is ripe/overripe and how to store it properly will help stretch your stash out. I’m a big fan of numbers 11 and 12. I do those already! What are your thoughts on number 9? I’ve never heard of using sand before!

Wasn’t this good information? So good! For help saving money on your monthly bill, you might want to check out coupon clipping. It’s a lifestyle and not for everyone (I’m not that great at is). Get the 411 on coupons here.

Here’s the link to all 21 ideas…

Diply: 21 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill