Clever Parenting Hacks That Will Restore Your Sanity


Are you a successful and super awesome parent? Not without this roundup, you’re not! Diply has 16 ideas that are borderline genius that are guilty for spreading parental peace and happiness and sparing sanity. I love these ideas! Each and everyone. They focus on the fun parts of parenting. The ‘individually packaged’ ones are my favorite. Number 7, the outfits-in-a-bag would be so helpful for travel (not to mention everyday life).

The individually packaged smoothies (number 13) would be great for breakfasts or after school snacks. Number 16, the dry erase homework board, is a must have! For some reason number 12 is my favorite. I hate it when people move and mess with my carpets. The hacks in this roundup are more fun than anything else. I love the tooth fairy money (number 8). Here are some other fun parenting hacks that are centered around fun family traditions.

Here’s the link to all 16 hacks…

Diply: 16 Sanity Savers For Parental Success And Awesomeness