Pool Noodle

Clever Uses For A Pool Noodle

Pool Noodle

I loved pool noodles as a kid. I’m still a fan of them today. They are the poor man’s pool chair and make floating in the water magical. Crazy Russian Hacker is really ‘using his noodle’ when it comes to the 13 pool noodle life hacks featured in this video. These are some of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ideas. Simple, easy, fun, and affordable.

Did you know that pool noodles can be used to fill a bucket? Make a dog bed? Make painting easier? These nifty noodles are very versatile! The can be used for everything from safety to organizing the garage to keeping doors open. I’ve seen the boot hack before and I really need to try it. We just finished our closet remodel and I should start off right when putting everything back in it. The pool noodles on the roof rack are a great idea to keep your sporting equipment from getting scratched. And doesn’t need a floating cooler? Everyone should have one of those!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!