vodka hacks

Clever Uses For Vodka That Will Totally Surprise You

vodka hacks

Are you a big fan of vodka? Well whether you like drinking vodka or not, did you know there are several other uses for this delicious spirit? It can be surprising to find out that things we enjoy from time to time are actually quite useful in a number of other ways! Now we are not suggesting you stock up on several bottles of vodka and get the neighbors started on the rumor mill, but if you keep a bottle around the home from time to time you might find that it comes in handy for more than taking the edge off a rough day!

We found a great collection of tips on how you can use vodka around the home, and the wonderful uses this strange liquor has. Did you know vodka can help you keep your flowers fresher for longer? Or that it can be used to help keep your dark clothing stay darker longer?

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