Clever Ways To Re-Purpose Old Chairs


I have so many favorite things about summer. Swimming, going on picnics, sitting around the fire pit with friends, going on big family vacations…so many! But probably at the top of the list (at least this year) is hitting the yard sales on Saturday mornings. I only get the local paper from May to September to see where they are. I plan out a strategy, get coffee, decide on the object of the day, and grab my keys and go. This year I think I will be looking for a lot of old chairs. Trust me, you will be too after seeing this awesome roundup.

Chairs have many more uses than sitting in. They can be used as closets and storage bins, pet accessories, and frames and bulletin boards. I absolutely adore the yellow garden desk and towel rack! Definitely going in search for chairs so I can make some of these this year! One DIY chair that isn’t mentioned is a belted chair. It’s pretty great! Belts are spendy so be sure to look for those at the garage sales along with your chairs Find out how to make it at Apartment Therapy.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 DIYs That Bring New Life To Old Chairs