31 Clever Ways To Up-cycle Silverware

If you’re getting ready to buy some new kitchen utensils, be sure to save your old ones. I know it sounds silly, but bear with me. Don’t just throw them out. Silverware can be used to create fun and exciting crafts the whole family will enjoy. These crafts can be used as home decor, gifts, and even art. The possibilities are endless with silverware crafts and there seems to be new ones coming out every week. Re-purposing items you were going to throw out anyway make the best crafts.

Here are 31 creative and fun ways to re-purpose that old silverware and turn it into something everybody will enjoy. Some might even want to go buy silverware just for these crafts, they are that creative! Thrift stores usually have great looking older utensils that will look great for these crafts as well. Take a look at these 30 fun projects below and see if there are any you want to try. Who knows? You might make something fun. After taking a look at all these crafts, be sure to comment with your favorite one.


1. Napkin Rings

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2. Old Spoon Coat Rack

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3. Cabinet Handles

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4. Ladle Candle Holder

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5. Taper Candle Holders

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6. Silverware Lampshade

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7. Photo Tree

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8. Cheese Markers

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9. Garden Wheel

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10. Wind Chime

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11. Silverware Chandelier

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12. Table Markers

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13. Garden Markers

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14. DIY Silverware Mirror

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15. Silverware Jewelry

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16. Mini Flower Vase

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17. Fork Cuffling

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18. Name Holder

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19. Silverware Picture Frame

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20. Napkin Wraps

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21. Car Key Holder

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22. Silverware Art

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23. Fork Egg Cup

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24. Silverware Bottle Holder

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25. DIY Garden Flower

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26. Custom Brooch

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27. Drawer Handles

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28. Phone Holder

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29. Plant Holder

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30. Key Chain

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31. Palm Tree Arangement

silverware art

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