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Clever Ways To Turn Your Clutter Into Decorative Features

Creative Displays

Clutter be gone! I’m not talking about throwing away all of your earthly possessions but rather showing them off in clever and creative ways that adds to your decor and not stifles it. You should check out these ideas from Diply. I am loving this roundup; these ideas are brilliant!

#4 is the best! I would love to display my pictures like that. There is only room for so many picture frames before walls and shelves start to look crowded. Photo wallpaper looks modern and shows off your favorite memories at the same time. Swoon.

This roundup is great for showing off things that have sentimental value and that you don’t want to toss, like decorative plates(#2) or old toys (#13). It’s also has some insanely practical ideas (#9-nail polish organization). The keepsake travel sand is such a fun idea. I wish I’d thought of that and saved sand from my tropical vacations.

A Beautiful Mess has some other fun decorating tips, perfect for renters. Find them here.

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