coffee maker cooking tips

Use Your Coffeemaker For Cooking?

coffee maker cooking tips

Have you ever considered that your coffee maker could be used for cooking? Well believe it or not, it truly can be! Sometimes you are hungry and want something scrumptious, but lack the ambition to wait a long time for something to cook. You want something fast and easy. When you are that hungry, you will do anything to get food cooked and into your belly!

College students you are going to love this! Imagine cooking hot dogs in your coffee pot? Think not? Check it out! You can cook several things right in the pot such as eggs, chicken, corn on the cob and even lasagna. How about vegetables in the back part of the coffee maker, where the water goes? Yes – steaming veggies! As crazy as it may sound, these things can be cooked in your coffee maker and can be done so quickly and easily.

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