College Student Ditches Dorm Life For 170 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home

college student tiny home

How was your college experience? Those of us that went are probably still paying for that experience regardless of whether we are actually using our educations out in the real big scary adult world. I sure paid a lot, or am paying off a lot of loans to a private college, to not be using my Bachelors of Arts in American History and Political Science. Haha. One kid from the University of Michigan found a creative way to cut his costs by $6,000.

How did Christopher Cerk save such a bundle? By building his own tiny home. He is the owner of 170 square feet of a solar powered portable hut/home that he built himself for $13,000. It was costing him $800 a month to live in the dorm and in the long run the house was way cheaper. 9ish months of college x 4 years = a whole lot of money saved by building his own home. Nice job! How to pay for college? Here’s some help. How to pay off college debt? See here. It is possible. Good luck.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!