These Dyed Wedding Dresses Will Leave You Speechless

The hottest wedding trend of 2016 is color dipped wedding dresses, and after looking through all of these photos I can certainly see why! These dyed wedding dresses add a personal flair and make each dress unique. Imagine seeing one of these dresses at a wedding or wearing one in your own. This new trend has taken the Internet by storm and now it seems to be growing fast!

The best part about this trend is that is easy to get on board. Many people following this trend are buying cheap wedding dresses and dyeing each dress themselves! Not only is this a super creative look for your wedding, it is also an affordable one. It is also a look that the wedding guests will not soon forget! So if it looks great and it’s affordable, why not go for it?

I hope this trend doesn’t disappear after 2016! I hope I see more unique wedding dresses as time goes by!

Would you wear one of these for your own wedding? And which wedding dress is your favorite?

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1. Blue

Blue dipped dresses are perfect for beach weddings!

dyed wedding dresses blue 1 dyed wedding dresses blue 2 dyed wedding dresses blue

via: lovemydress | fireflyevents | lawedding


2. Yellow

And these yellow dyed wedding dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings.

dyed wedding dresses yellow 2 dyed wedding dresses yellow

via: southboundbride | stinakasephotography


3. Orange

But don’t forget about orange!

dyed wedding dresses orange 1 dyed wedding dresses orange

via: greenweddingshoes | jennymarkhamphoto


4. Coral

Absolutely stunning! I have never seen a dress like this.

dyed wedding dresses coral

via: weddingwise


5. Charcoal

I love how the color fades!

dyed wedding dresses grey

via: loriex


6. Raspberry

Wow, this color really pops!

dyed wedding dresses raspberry

via: sweetcarolinestyles


7. Teal

Absolutely love this teal dress.

dyed wedding dresses teal

via: alantephotography


8. Rainbow

Can’t decide on one color? Why not try them all!

dyed wedding dresses rainbow

via: taylorannart


Do you think these dyed wedding dresses are tacky or beautiful? Please share your comments below!

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