This Family Combined Two Tiny Homes To Create the Ultimate Living Space

One of the most interesting tiny homes I have came across would be this tiny home featured below. Named ‘The Ohana’, this house is located outside of Portland, Oregon and quickly started getting featured in many different tiny home magazines for its unique style.

This tiny home (Designed by Brian Crabb at VIVA Collective) is actually two tiny homes that have been combined by a sun room! This home belongs to a family, and the parents occupy one side of the home and the children occupy the other side. The sunroom in the middle is surrounded by glass so you get to take a good look at the scenery.

The parents side of the house has the kitchen, a bathroom, and the master bedroom. The master bedroom actually features a trundle bed. On the other side of the tiny home, you have the living room and a loft bedroom area. We do not get to see pictures of the loft bedroom, but we do get an awesome look at the custom storage inside the staircase and the main living room.

This tiny home is actually two tiny homes combined.

Both tiny houses are combined with an open sun room. One side belongs to the parents, and one side belongs to the kids.

There is a sliding door which leads out to the open sun room.

On one end of the hallway, you have the kitchen and laundry area.

They did a really nice job on this kitchen.

Right in the middle of the hallway, you have this awesome bathroom. That custom paint job is awesome.

At the very end of the hallway on the other side, you have the master bedroom.

The master bedroom also has a trundle bed which slides out from the main bed.

The other tiny home is a living space which heads up to a bedroom loft.

Unfortunately, the family did not take pictures of the kids rooms in the loft.

Under the stairs, you have plenty of storage space.

The builder of this tiny home has uploaded the plans for anyone who may want to try something similar. This also helps you get a better understanding of the layout.

Here is one last look at this incredible tiny home…

Source: vivacollectiv

What do you think about this tiny home? Or should I say… homes?