Come Tour This Beautiful Tiny Cabin Built By A Family In Vermont


What’s special about Topsham, VT? It’s the place where CountryPlans user rich2Vermont built the most picture perfect tiny home. So perfect. It is a 10’ x 16’ hideaway that is on two wooded acres, complete with a babbling brook and meadow of wildflowers.

I love the red and white paint scheme! Just like my house but mine isn’t 160 square feet. The inside is gorgeous exposed pine. It makes the interior seem so much lighter and open. I can’t believe this wasn’t done by a professional! It looks like it was. I really love the staircases too.

Thinking about visiting Vermont? Maybe not to build a little cabin and take up shop, but just for a little get away? Do it! I never have but going in the fall is on my bucket list. Here is all the info you need to plan your upcoming visit.

Take the photo tour of this quaint cabin here…

LittleThings: Beautiful Tiny Loft Cabin In Vermont (photo tour)