tiny paris apartment transformation

Watch As This Ultra Tiny (86 sq ft.) Room Transforms Into A Complete Home

tiny paris apartment transformation

86 square feet? Yikes! A woman in Paris took an itty bitty living space and turned it into quite the creative apartment. It has everything yours and mine has but on a tiny scale. The before picture is absolutely terrifying! I’m impressed that someone could see past it and imagine something better. I’m sure the money saved doesn’t even compare to the cost of renovations. Paris is a spendy place!

Up 7 flights of stairs and down a narrow hallway you will find a cozy Parisian apartment. Everything needed for living is tucked nicely away. There is a bed, stairs (to reach the bed), table and chairs, closet, bookshelf, storage, sink, fridge, water heater, and every other modern convenience. Everything is hidden in the walls and rolls out when needed. I am most impressed by the fully equipped bathroom. The tile is lovely and she used every bit of space to make it work. The white and wheat artwork is very nice and makes it feel bigger and more open than it actually is.

This is insanely small for me. I could do a night of two but not forever. It is definitely only a one person spot. Two people would drive each other insane after a while. Tiny homes aren’t all as small as this but all of them have one thing in common…an awesome use of space! See Oregon Cottage Company for other tiny house plans.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!